About the company

Skyplan.eu is operated by Transplan Ltd. founded in 2011. The founders of the company are experts with long and rich experience in the air transportation business.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of legal regulations applicable to operation of airlines we are very successful in resolving financial claims towards airlines. A team of experts thoroughly assesses every single case using computer systems and databases identifying whether or not the claim for financial compensation is justified. Our clients can monitor the status of their claim through our internet portal in real time by logging in to the Skyplan.eu system.

The main line of business of Transplan Ltd. is to provide support and help while exercising passengers’ rights to financial compensations from airlines in situations not avoidable by the client (delay, flight cancellation, etc.). Financial compensations in air transportation can amount up to 600 € per person and the airlines develop a significant effort to make the information hard to find and complicate the claim procedure for affected passengers. However, Skyplan.eu can resolve justified financial compensation claims in an efficient and effective manner thanks to its unique know-how.

Why should you choose us?

  1. Our team is in possession of long and rich experience in the air transportation industry
  2. We prefer individual approach to every claim
  3. We create individual solutions for corporate clients
  4. We create individual solutions for dealers, i.e. air ticket dealers and travel agencies
  5. Our software is capable of evaluating the legitimacy of the claim already upon identification of the basic flight data with a high degree of probability.