For Corporations

Corporations, agencies, travel agents

Are you:

  1. 1 An entrepreneur or a company with management and employees frequently travelling by air?
  2. 2 A tour operator or agency selling air tours?
  3. 3 A tour operator or travel agency selling air tickets for airlines and charter flights?
  4. 4 A hotel or a hotel chain operator?

Interested in getting the following at no extra cost?

  1. 1 Decrease the cost of your air travel?
  2. 2 Save your time and time of your employees?
  3. 3 Add value to your business?
  4. 4 Achieve higher satisfaction levels with your customers?
  5. 5 Get a comprehensive legal and advisory service for you and your customers in case of air travel irregularities?
  6. 6 Get additional revenue?

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